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Why You Must Try Irish Coffee As A Refreshment

The Irish Coffee – Ultimate Refreshment

Irish coffee is a kind of mixed drink that is usually served hot. It is a mixture of espresso, Irish whiskey, and sugar mixed and topped up with whipped cream. A person serves it in a typical Irish mug. The taste of coffee with shots of whiskey makes it an ultimate beverage for coffee lovers. The whipped cream as a topping only adds to the flavor. This unique concoction is reason enough as to why you must try Irish coffee.

Some people have a preference for whiskey, depending on the way they want the drink to be. For example, the Jameson Irish whiskey goes about right for a classic Irish coffee. Similarly, Bushmills Black Blush for a spicier one, and so on.  

The Irish Coffee – Ultimate Refreshment
Why You Must Try Irish Coffee As A Refreshment

Origin And History

The first-ever Irish coffee was made by Joseph Jackson of Jackson’s hotel Ballybofey County Donegal. During World War 2, to keep the associated comrades attentive and ready in action against the attacks of the German soldiers, this drink was manufactured. It was then that this drink was introduced as the first cup. However, it is claimed that Joe Sheridan, who was chef head at the restaurant and coffee shop at Foynes Airbase, was the one who first introduced Irish coffee to the U.S after he drank it at Shannon Airport. It was ready to serve on 10th November 1952 when Sheridan worked with Buena Vista Café at San California.

Preparation And Variations

For the preparation, premium quality Irish whiskey and one teaspoon of sugar is poured over hot black coffee and whisked well until it gets completely liquefied. After that, the cream is cautiously trickled with the help of the back of the spoon on the surface of the coffee and raised slowly until a floating layer is obtained.

Along with the key ingredients that is Irish whiskey, coffee, sugar, and cream, there can be many variations while making this drink. The choice of coffee, cream, and whiskey widely vary. The methods of brewing coffee also differ. Different countries have their typical way of mixing the ingredients and presenting the drink under the name of the original Irish one. In southeast Asia, some bars even serve iced coffee mixed with whiskey without the cream topping.

Choice Of Whisky For Different Tastes

You can customize your drink by altering the ingredients of your choice. Other than the coffee, sugar, and cream, whiskey has the most important role to play in it. Depending upon how you would like your coffee to be, that is spicy, extra boozy or fruity or dry. Listed below are some great options of whiskey to try to achieve the best flavors;

  1. Jameson Irish Whisky for a classic taste.
  2. Bushmills Black Bush for a spicier taste.
  3. Green Spot for a fruity taste.
  4. Teeling Small Batch for melting smooth taste.
The Irish Coffee – Ultimate Refreshment
Why You Must Try Irish Coffee As A Refreshment


Irish coffee is an excellent drink for anyone. The refreshment of coffee that comes along the booze of whiskey makes it an amazing drink overall. The Grand Irish festival is celebrated every year in Montgomery, NY to pay tribute to Irish heritage. This festival offers and exhibits crafts, food, dance, and the most famous Irish coffee.  

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