Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details

Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details

Every time you walk inside a coffee shop, you end up knowing the regulars. But sometimes they are so many that I wonder what the difference is. As a coffee enthusiast, you need to know the essential ingredients. There are three types of coffee drinks steamed milk, foam, and espresso. Also, be sure about the ratio as they vary from shop to shop.

Top 11 Coffee Drinks

1. Coffee Drinks Espresso Shot

The much-preferred coffee drink is espresso. Your one shot of espresso contains an iota of highly concentrated coffee. Although it seems pretty straightforward, it is challenging to master. All you need is a shot of espresso. Then mix with two –four apx. oz. of an espresso cup.

2. Red Eye Coffee

Red-eye coffee is an upgraded version of your regular coffee. Indeed a boost of fun over your standard coffee drink. All you need here is one shot of espresso. Then combine it with six oz. Of brewed coffee. With this, use an eight oz. Coffee mug.

Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details
Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details

3. Black Eye Coffee

The black eye is just the two-shot version of the red-eye. This coffee drink is highly caffeinated. Just double the shots and use an eight to ten oz. coffee mug.

4. Americano

Americanos is a simplified breakfast coffee drink best preferred. Did you know their roots come from the old times of World War II? The method incorporates water to coffee as used by the soldiers. While the water dilutes the espresso, it still maintains the levels of caffeine.

5. Long Black Coffee Drinks

Well, the long black is pretty much similar to the American coffee drink. But it is differentiated only based on its origin. It finds its roots in New Zealand and Australia. The only difference you see here is its rich, creamy texture.

6. Macchiato

An interesting fact about Macchiato sparks itself. Did the term “macchiato” mean a stain or a mark? This comes from the reference when steamed milk leaves with an espresso. This coffee drink uses flavored syrups of your choice to lighten and brighten your coffee.

Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details
Types of Coffee Drinks And More Details

7. Cortado

Cortado is the next step of Macchiato. It uses warm milk to reduce acidity. All you need is a shot of espresso with foam and warm milk.

8. Breve Coffee Drinks

This coffee drink gives a decanted twist. The twist comes with the half to half steamed crème. The primary method is using one shot of espresso with steamed half-half and foam.

9. Cappuccino

This Italian crème coffee drink is a much-loved breakfast drink. Its indulgence provides comfort with its thick crème layer. The addition of extra flavor like chocolate powder enhances the taste.

10. Flat White

Being an origin of New Zealand and Australia, Flat white is creamier. The lack of foam layer and chocolate powder is the only difference.

11. Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte is the basic coffee drink available. Since milk overtakes the acidity and bitterness of coffee, it the best-preferred coffees drink. Often uses flavored syrups for a sweeter taste.

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