Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try -

Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try

Espresso: Brew Some Best Drinks With It

For any western household, a brewed espresso drink is part of people’s daily routine. You may be someone who loves to start their mornings by sipping a cup of hot coffee. There are even some people who grab a mug of coffee on their way to work. Coffee has the power to fuel you. If you are too tired, some coffee can wake you up. But most importantly, a good cup of espresso-based drink is delicious to taste and its aroma rejuvenates your soul. Not all coffee beverages have espresso as their base ingredient. Here are some popular ones that you should try out:

Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try
Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try

1. Latte With Espresso

A latte is an espresso shot topped with frothed milk as well as foam milk. It is an all-time classic drink. To prepare, pour some espresso and then slowly pour the steamed milk, and mix it. Over the coffee, add some foamed milk. A latte is a sweet yet rich beverage. Many people love to have a cup of latte in the morning before starting the day.

2. Ristretto With Espresso

A single espresso shot and a ristretto are the same. You may have wondered, what do those small cups in cafes consist of? The answer is mostly cups of ristrettos. Many people think ristretto is the purest way of enjoying coffee. The reason is that the ristretto is very rich and has a strong coffee extract. So, in many cafes, baristas serve this drink with a glass of water. You can drink the water in between your sips if you want.

3. Cappuccino With Espresso

Like a latte, you need an espresso shot to make a cup of cappuccino. You also have to pour the steamed milk slowly. Though both these coffees may feel similar, a classic cappuccino doesn’t have a layer of foam, unlike the latte. In some coffee shops, you can have a different flavored cappuccino. Baristas also add foamed milk over the steamed milk to give a foamy look.

Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try
Top Espresso-Based Drinks You Should Try

4. Macchiato

Do you know that latte and macchiato are very similar? To make it, you have to pour an espresso shot into a mug and top it with little bit steamed milk. However, in contrast to latte, macchiato contains little milk. A latte has so much more milk which is why it tastes almost sweet. But when it comes to macchiato, it has a bolder taste as it requires less milk.

5. Mocha

Mocha is a sweet coffee drink. You just need an espresso shot with chocolate and then pour in some steamed milk. Some baristas add a layer of whipped cream over it. You probably won’t want to start your day with mocha. It is best served after a meal because it is good as dessert.

6. Red Eye

It is a drip coffee with the extra espresso shot. The name is so, as after taking a red-eye, you won’t be able to sleep at all. It is better to drink when you need to stay awake anyhow.

7. Americano

Americano is a popular drink in the United States. It is nothing but an espresso shot with hot water. When you pour the boiling water, the flavors soften to make it drinkable. You can take this drink with you in your office or to simply kickstart your day.

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