The idea for someone to take out coffee nearby

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It’s a Friday morning. You’ve made a decision to reach out and start socializing in your surroundings again, but you’re not sure how to do it in a casual, relaxed way.

What if you could reach out to someone at work who is outside of your close group of friends? The person you might have lunch with once or twice per month, but always keep running into one another? You know they like coffee and sometimes eat lunch nearby so today you decide this is the day! But how can you take them out for coffee nearby?

We put together some tips to take out to coffee nearby:

1) Send an email: 

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This is probably the easiest thing to do when trying for someone to take out coffee nearby. Just shoot them an email to get the ball rolling! If you’re worried about what they might think or how this person might react, take a look at our article ” How to ask someone for coffee “. Or if it’s easier, just send them this link :).

2) Find out where they like to drink coffee: 

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When your coworker says they like coffee and eat lunch nearby sometimes, the best thing is to start looking around on Google Maps or Yelp to find a place you can meet up. If you have access to their social media profiles, check out their tweets and Instagram posts for hints too! Which cafes do they tag? What cafes have been tagged by people in their group of friends? Also, consider the time of day you want to meet and their work hours. If your coworker usually leaves at 3:00 PM but you’ve only seen them in the morning, be sure to pick a cafe that’s open past 4:00 PM!

3) Meet before or after work hours:

Once you know where they like to drink coffee, it’s time to decide if this is something you want to do before or after work. If it’s during the day and your coworker has normal hours, asking them out for lunch nearby may not seem as casual as just “running into each other” since they may need special permission from their manager (which we’ll talk more about below). On the other hand, maybe your coworker has a flexible schedule and would be up for grabbing dinner nearby if you’re looking for a bigger commitment.

4) Find the right place to takeout coffee nearby 

It’s time to start Googling. Look into Yelp reviews and check their menu online before suggesting your co-work take you out. Of course, never assume this person will want the same thing as you (we hope they like coffee too!). The best way to make sure everyone is happy is by checking in with them when deciding where to meet. And if all else fails, pick something that’s good no matter what they order! Here are some tips on picking a place.

5) Ask permission to takeout coffee nearby

This part will be able to meet you for a quick coffee!! Or maybe they prefer grabbing a drink after work. All of these are important things to consider when trying to take someone out for coffee nearby.

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