Tea and coffee experience at Boba bliss

boba bliss

Boba bliss is a Japanese tea and coffee shop that serves milk tea as well as fruit tea. The place doesn’t look like a shop at all. You can barely see the door, but there’s still a sign. Boba bliss is also known for selling many flavors of small cookies and cakes. It’s not just limited to Asians; they have other flavors that are more common to Americans like red velvet cupcakes.

Boba bliss is located in a plaza with many other Japanese restaurants. There are quite a few tables to sit at, but most people drive through the plaza, so it’s mostly just people who want to buy or pick up their drinks. Here is the list of different types of tea and coffee available at Boba bliss.

1. Milk tea- original and Jasmin

A hand holding a cup

This is probably the most popular drink at Boba bliss. The milk tea is surprisingly good because it’s not too sweet, but just right. this tea has great popularity among Asians and non-Asians.

2. Fruit tea

A close up of a flower

There’s a variety of fruit teas, but I tried the peach green tea and it was great! If you don’t like fruity drinks, this is not for you. These fruit teas are made from real fruits that come in juice or purée form. It has a very fruity flavor that makes it hard to forget what you are drinking.

3. Coffee

The coffee is served in hot or iced form, with milk and sugar available for free on the side. I had iced cappuccino which was alright, but when iced, the flavor of the coffee doesn’t stand out too much.

4. Japanese snacks

There are many Japanese sweets that you can buy at Boba bliss, but I only bought the macarons which were good – not too sweet and delicate in flavor.

5. Tamagoyaki (Egg cake)

Tamagoyaki is a popular Japanese snack made of eggs, sugar, and soy sauce. This cake is very sweet, but it’s a nice treat. This dish is traditionally eaten as a snack or dessert.

6. Hot dog and fried chicken

These are not exactly snacks, but still available at Boba bliss. If you’re hungry, this is your place. Hot dog and fried chicken of Boba bliss are both Japanese-style. The hot dog is a sausage with green seaweed wrapped around the outside. This is probably the most popular for non-Asians since they are used to sausage.

Fried Chicken is also Japanese-style, which means it’s fried in panko bread crumbs and served with tonkatsu sauce. I tried both of these items and found them to be tasty, but not outstanding compared to other places that offer food.

7. Cookies and cake

Of course, there’s more than just drinks here at Boba bliss! I recommend the red velvet cupcakes for all you chocoholics out there! If you don’t like chocolate, there are other flavors such as cookies and cream and vanilla on the chocolate chip.

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