Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts

Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts

Starbucks is the most fantastic when it comes to coffee. Moreover, it is the largest and best coffee company in the world, located around 58 countries. You will never miss seeing Starbucks coffee in any shopping center. And the logo keeps on changing, sine their actual appearance was 30 years ago. This article will help you out to know a few interesting facts.

Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts
Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts

Top 18 Starbucks Facts

Here are a few facts about Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts
Starbucks Coffee And Its Facts
  1. The founder of Starbucks is Jerry Baldwin, Zev siel are two teachers, and Gordon Bowker, a writer who has attended the university together.  
  2. It has about 87,000 combinations of drinks, and this got published in a full-page advertisement, also, in two significant newspapers.
  3. When they planned to choose a name for the coffee company, initially, they decided the names like cargo house and Pequod. After the brainstorming, they finalized the name has Starbucks.
  4. There are more than 20,519 Starbucks in 58 countries around the world — also, the largest retailer in the world.
  5. It is a well-known brand in such a way that they never print the name on the cups.
  6. Initially introduced in the year 1987 by Harold Schultz. And till 2011 they opened nearly two new stores every day.
  7. Later, Harold started selling brewed coffee instead of coffee beans. In the year 1987, they were selling only roasted coffee beans.
  8. The Starbucks customers visit at least six times in each month. Moreover, many very loyal customers, like 20% of people visit at least 16 times or more than that in a month.
  9. Amazingly fitted with round tables like square and rectangle so that the customer will never be lonely.
  10. It also has a mobile app with 10 million downloads. Notably, in the year of 2013, nearly 10% of the people purchase them in a mobile app.
  11. The very first brand which got nearly 10,000,000 likes in the most popular social media, which we all use is Facebook.
  12. The cup size of Trenta is usually larger than your stomach in Starbucks. 
  13. The standard rule which they follow is, opening the shop 10 minutes before the opening time and the closing time extended longer than the posted time.
  14. Compared to the McDonald’s sausage McMuffin the Starbucks has more calories and fat in cheese Danish.
  15. It provides healthcare money to all the employees who work more than 20 hours a week. This amount crosses nearly $300 million a year. Company cost in spending coffee beans each year is less than this health care cost.
  16. Butterbeer Frappuccino is available in Starbucks. Also, you should know how to ask for it. They add a pretty good combination of toffee nut syrup, caramel drizzle, and caramel syrup.
  17. You can find chalkboards in Disney Starbucks. At the downtown Disney which is at Orlando, they came up with innovative and attractive ideas. Whereas, the chalkboards which are of a 70-inch touch screen and re-imagined. It can render you the real-time illustrations. Customers can draw on the screen and take selfies.
  18. Starbucks initially placed the newspaper for gratuities like the wall street journal and the New York Times. Later they stopped it because people usually walk out without paying.                
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