Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Pot

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The Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Pot makes a great collection item and home decor
It’s a manual-type coffee maker; It has a transparent design for easy monitoring
It works through vapor pressure and gravity
Material: Metal, Plastic, Anti-High Temperature Glass
Weight: 0.878 kg/ Product Size: 8.2 x 35.4 cm
Package Contents:
1 Set Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Pot (wick, filter, spoon accessories)

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Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Pot

The Siphon Coffee Maker Vacuum Pot can offer you a new coffee experience! It’s a unique way to make coffee that you will definitely enjoy! A siphon coffee maker is not the average coffee machine. It’s one of the few coffee makers that work the traditional way. This is a manual type coffee maker which means that you won’t need any electrical power source for it. It may take a longer time to brew than using electric coffee machines. But it can definitely guarantee high-quality brews unlike any other. It’s also a great collector’s item or home decoration.

How It Works

A siphon coffee maker has two chambers. Some countries refer to this process as vacuum brewing. The reason is that it uses vapor pressure to brew the coffee ground. The lower chamber is where you place the water. Then, you should fill in the top part with the coffee grounds of your choice. After that, light the wick provided to heat the water. The hot water will push the vapor to mix with the coffee grounds and stimulate the flavor. Turn off the flame and the water from the coffee grounds will drip through the filter. The slow process allows the coffee flavor to seep better.

Why You Should Buy It

Although the siphon coffee maker doesn’t work as fast as an electric one, it still has advantages. One of them is that it provides a more interactive experience. You will appreciate the process more thanks to its clear glass material. Also, this type of coffee maker lets you control the taste as much as you want. You can add as little or as much water or coffee grounds to suit your preference. Finally, siphon-type makers produce more aromatic coffee. This is especially great for coffee shops to attract more customers.


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