Latte Art: The Need Of It On Coffee


Drinking a cup of coffee with latte art on it can do wonders in improving your mood. It is such a unique and creative way of decorating your drink. Latte arts have become integral parts of the java world. We now expect to see it over our flat white coffee-order. But the debate is whether it is just to make the coffee look good or does it have some purpose? Well, it does have a purpose. The art makes coffee makes sweeter than usual. Know why most people love having art on their coffee.

Latte Art: The Need Of It On Coffee
Latte Art: The Need Of It On Coffee

1. Taste With Latte Art

Latte is basically espresso shots with steamed milk. Mixing the two ingredients will bring a unique flavor to your cup. If you want a balanced coffee, then latter art is unnecessary. Latte art creates a ring of crema, which gives mellow flavor to the coffee. However, coffee without the art gives an intense and rich flavor because of the pungent crema and bitter taste.

2. Multi-Sensory Experience Of Flavors

While drinking your coffee, you experience its aroma, taste, as well as mouthfeel. These factors make up your drink’s flavor. But in reality, the experience is multi-sensory. Some studies showed that many drinkers feel that drinking coffee engages all the sensory feel like sight, hearing, smell, touch along with taste. Latte art adds another dimension to the experience by making a visual impact on your mind.

3. Efforts Suggest Value For Latte Art

All excellent restaurants, food hubs or any place where people go to have good food ensure that their food looks amazing. If customers get a good presentation for their food, they think of the effort exerted to make their food look special.

Various studies show that as the presentation becomes better, the monetary value of interestingly presented food goes up. Latte art is similar. These incredible artworks signify the energy and effort exerted by the baristas to make those look extremely attractive. Doing these artworks requires real hard work and practice for hours on end. Only then will it look like a high-quality drink.

Latte Art: The Need Of It On Coffee
Latte Art: The Need Of It On Coffee

4. Science Of Milk

Science of milk is the essence of latte art. Once try to add foam to your coffee with the normal milk and you will understand how different this entire latte art is. Baristas heat milk for a lot of time to create microfoam. Steaming and heating the milk rapidly will help them in creating different types of designs. The baristas pour in a way such that milk gets into the cup first and then the foam settles on the top of the cup.

5. Picture Perfect For Instagram

Social media has become very crucial these days, and we share almost everything we do, feel, and click. So, coffee business is also not different as today most business has their mark on social media. Apart from that, coffee drinkers love to share their perfect cup of coffee with art-work over it. These images open the opportunity to get like, follow, and share. The beautiful latte art on coffee will make it look more interesting which attracts people.