Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink

Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink

Irish coffee is something that is famous across the world. No matter which bar you go, if you order this coffee, you will have it in a big jar in just a couple of minutes. While this coffee is something that will taste great and will give you a whole new amazing experience, the recipe of this is quite recent. Yes, there is no centuries of history to this coffee, it was invented in the 1940s during the Irish storm of 1940s. People from across the world love this coffee and if you taste it once you will understand why it is so lovable. In this article, you are going to know some interesting facts about this amazing drink.

Origin Of Irish Coffee

In 1943, a storm has made a great impact on Ireland and a flight from New York went back due to the weather conditions. In the flight, the chef who goes by the name Joe Sheridan was asked to cook something delicious for the passengers.

Joe Sheridan thought of adding some Irish wine to the coffees and give a new twisty taste to it. When the passengers asked what type of coffee it is and its name- Joe responded “Irish Coffee.” This was the origin of the coffee. The coffee was so good that all the passengers loved it to the core.

Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink
Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink

Journey To The US

The US citizens got the taste of this amazing coffee because of a travel journalist, Stanton Delaplane. In 1951 he got to taste the Irish Coffee in Foynes. He liked the coffee a lot that he brought its recipe along with him to America. Delaplane worked a lot along with Buena Vista Café to recreate the original coffee. But it was of vain, they were unable to figure out how to sink the cream into the coffee.

These days the Irish coffee is available everywhere and people are in a misconception that a little alcohol in the coffee makes it an Irish Coffee. This is absolutely trash and there are so many who use the whipped cream on the coffee when they basically have to use the thick cream. People are just doing any coffee and are naming it an Irish coffee which indeed is unfortunate.

In this article, you are going to see the authentic Irish coffee recipe.

Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink
Irish Coffee: Know More About This Yummy Drink

Irish Coffee Recipe


  • Already prepared coffee (Strong one would be preferable)
  • Boiling water
  • Brown sugar- 1 teaspoon
  • Irish Whisky- a jigger
  • Cream- lightly whipped

Method Of Preparation

First of all, you have to heat the glass or cup in which you will be serving the coffee. Put some boiling water, swirl it in and then throw away the water. Add one teaspoon of brown sugar into the cup. Brown sugar will bring out the taste of whiskey perfectly. Remember not to add more than one teaspoon as whiskey is already sweet.

Pour coffee until the half cup and stir it so that the sugar mixes properly. Add Irish (only Irish) whiskey. Now add a little bit more coffee. Take cream that has a soft consistency. Not too thick or not too light. Use a warm spoon to put the cream on the coffee.

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