How To Pick The Best Coffee Mugs For You


Apart from water and tea, coffee is also a widely consumed beverage all across the globe. The passionate lot will take all the chance they can get to make their favorite cup of coffee. And sipping warm coffee from coffee mugs feels awesome. You can’t ignore a freshly brewed and warm cup of coffee. Getting the right coffee mug makes your complete coffee experience good or bad.

Coffee Mugs: Tips To Choose Right One
How To Pick The Best Coffee Mugs For You

Yes, you can get some cute mugs with some quotes, characters, simple print, or just use a cup from any set. But if you want the experience of your home-made coffee better, check out the following guide on how to choose the best coffee mugs for you.

1. The Size Of Coffee Mugs Matter

There are different types of coffees and mugs related to them. If you are someone who likes an espresso then you should go for a small cup which is also called as “demitasse.” This demitasse cup is small and can hold only 3 ounces at most. The latte cups have a broader mouth and are short. They can hold 6 or 7 ounces of coffee in them. The regular cups can be used for brewed coffee.

Coffee Mugs: Tips To Choose Right One
How To Pick The Best Coffee Mugs For You

2. Lid Or No Lid For Coffee Mugs!

A mug with lid can be significant to retain the heat and also for keeping any dirt away from the coffee, specifically when you are traveling. But you can also become a reason for you to accidentally burn your tongue if the drink is way too hot. As the lid is on, you may not see the steam to judge how hot it is. Apart from that, you may not be able to smell the beautiful aroma of hot coffee. Experience of drinking coffee when its aroma reaches your senses is something very special.

3. Do You Want A Handle Or Not?

When you are at home or in your office, the coffee mugs’ handles are really nice. It is way easier for holding a hot cup of your favorite drink, but if you are walking, it is difficult to balance the coffee in the mug with a handle. You may spill some coffee on the ground or your dress or shirt.

4. Material

There are lots of mug materials. You have to decide which one to choose from glass, plastic, porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel, etc. As passionate coffee lovers share their experiences, plastic, stainless steel, and porcelain mugs retain the odor of beverages that were previously served in it. But the glass and ceramic coffee mugs are good to go once you wash them. In these two materials, no smell or flavor can retain after an easy wash. Addition to that, the glass and ceramic mugs are effective to keep your coffee hot for a longer period of time oppose to other materials.

Now you just have to make the perfect coffee for yourself and your loved ones. It is best to have an espresso machine at your place and brew some hot coffee and pour in these coffee mugs.