How To Make Ladybug Espresso

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You can find Ladybug Espresso in many cafes and coffee shops. It’s a light, sweet drink with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. But you don’t have to buy it from the store – it’s very easy to make at home! This recipe takes about 10 minutes from start to finish, so if you want an energizing breakfast or snack that’ll also give your brain a boost, this is perfect for you.

You’ll need

Ladybug Espresso
  • 1/4 cup ground espresso beans
  • 1/2 cup water
  •  teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • (Optional) Sprinkle some sugar on top if you feel like it.


Ladybug Espresso

First, put the cinnamon in a medium-sized pot. Measure out the water and pour about half of it into the pot, then turn up the heat under the pot to high. Keep an eye on it — you don’t want your water to start boiling yet.

Pour some more water into a separate cup or measuring pot for later. Put one teaspoon of vanilla extract into another cup or measuring pot along with 3 tablespoons of honey. Turn up your second burner (on either an electric stovetop or a hot plate) to high. You’ll be using this burner soon, so make sure it’s nice and hot when you need it! Okay now back at your main burner, keep an eye on your water and cinnamon as it starts to boil. Measure out a one-quarter cup of ground espresso beans such as Lavazza or Starbucks’ Espresso roast, and dump ’em in there! You can use a teaspoon or tablespoon if you want – just make sure not to use an entire measuring spoon’s worth though, because coffee grounds are kind of bitter and you don’t want that! A quarter cup should be enough.

Now the fun part

making ladybug espresso! Here’s what you do: after your water boils with the cinnamon, let it boil for around 30 seconds then pour some into the other cup on top of your vanilla extract and honey. Quickly stir until mixed well Pour this back into your main pot on top of your coffee grounds. Watch out, because the water + vanilla extract mixture is hot and you’ll probably lose a few drops as it falls into the pot. It’s okay though – you won’t be able to taste the difference anyway! Turn off your other burner (if you used one) and let everything sit for around 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, turn up the heat under your cup with vanilla extract/honey to high/boil. Keep an eye on this as well as the ladybug espresso because you don’t want any of that to overflow or boil over!!!

After around 30-45 seconds you should see those beautiful black specks forming at the bottom of your cup! When they start to resemble little spots like a ladybug’s, quickly turn off the heat and take it off the hot plate or stove. If you let it boil for too long it’ll get on your cup and turn brownish/tan instead of black-and-red, which isn’t as cute. Try to pour some of it into a mug right away while it’s still really hot before that happens!

Decorate your coffee

If you want to decorate your coffee, even more, sprinkle that extra sugar on top now! The sweetness will be just perfect with the cinnamon in your coffee – trust me I’m a 13-year-old girl who drinks this stuff all day every day.

Don’t worry if the espresso is really strong at first because after you put milk/cream in there it’ll have the perfect ladybug-cuteness and will taste just right! Enjoy your cup and try making another one to share with a friend. This recipe makes about 1 large mug of coffee, so feel free to double or triple it if you want more!


What do you think? Have you made Ladybug Espresso before? If not, do you want to try it now after reading this article? Have a nice cup of espresso!

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