How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works -

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

 The extract that we get from the green coffee beans is known as the green coffee bean extract. In recent times, more and more people are turning towards it, owing to its capacity to induce weight loss. The presence of chlorogenic acid makes the beans capable of helping in weight reduction. Here, we will know about the working mechanism of green coffee bean extract.

From 2012, the green coffee beans are hugely popular among the masses after Dr. Oz promoted it on the television. When you roast the coffee beans, they turn brown and also lose a considerable amount of chlorogenic acid. That is why the roasted coffee beans are not as useful as the green ones.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works
How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

 Green Coffee Bean Extract – Working Process

These green beans do have some caffeine, but the main compound is the chlorogenic acid. Several studies were carried out on the effect of green coffee beans on human beings. The results have shown that they are useful to prevent the absorption of carbs as well as sugar in blood from the digestive tract, and it also increases the insulin.

Moreover, chlorogenic acid helps in losing weight by reducing the accumulated fat in the liver and body. It also enhances the working of the adiponectin hormone, which acts as the fat burner.

Some studies on rats have proved that chlorogenic acid is capable of improving the good cholesterol as well as triglycerides. These factors help in reducing heart ailments.

 Human Studies Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Researchers carried out several studies regarding the effects of extracts of green coffee beans. They took about 30 obese people and observed them for 12 weeks continuously. Half of the people consumed regular coffee, whereas the other half drank extracts of green coffee. Moreover, they took the same diets for 12 weeks and practiced the same exercises. After 12 weeks, the researchers showed that the people consuming green coffee extracts lost about 11.9 pounds of weight. On the contrary, the regular coffee drinkers lost 3.7 pounds of weight.

Moreover, the body fat of the green coffee drinkers went down by 3.7 %, whereas that of the regular coffee drinkers was 0.7%.

In 2011, one of the research proved that though the results of the trials are quite good, more proper tests are necessary to come to any conclusion.

How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works
How Green Coffee Bean Extract Works

 Health Advantages Of Green Coffee Beans

From the studies, it is proved that green coffee beans are helpful for human beings in many ways. Besides helping in losing weight and body fat, it reduces diabetes and helps to control it. It has a good impact on the blood vessels, which in turn keeps the heart in proper condition. If you have high blood pressure, you can get benefits by taking 140-720 mg of green coffee extracts every day.

 Green coffee beans do have some side effects, though they are minor. By consuming more than the recommended quantity, you can feel little jittery, and the heartbeat can increase too. Do not forget that, even if low, green coffee beans do have some caffeine.

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