How Does A Coffee Roaster Work? -

How Does A Coffee Roaster Work?

Coffee Roaster: Understand How It Works

Coffee roaster, you may have heard or even seen them at least once in your life. So, what is coffee roasting? Why should we roast the coffee beans? What are the uses of it?

Well, the coffee lovers or almost all the consumers don’t know what happens behind the scenes when you order a coffee. There are so many steps involved in the coffee roasting and one has to put in a lot of efforts to understand how these coffee beans are roasted and what is the main reason to roast them. If you have ever seen how this coffee roaster works, you will understand how hectic and how much of science is hidden behind it. The coffee processing isn’t an easy thing and it involves a lot of work indeed.

Working Of Coffee Roaster

How Does A Coffee Roaster Work?
How Does A Coffee Roaster Work?

Coffee beans are extracted from a seed of a particular plant. One has to pluck those coffee seeds, process and then pack them perfectly before they even reach the roaster. The process of coffee roasting may sound exhausting but it isn’t. if you have a proper plan in hand, the entire coffee roasting process can be taken care of with ease. The coffee roasters will buy coffee from around the world and then they use the machines.

The coffee roasting process involves the heating of coffee cherry seeds which will, in turn, get great aroma and flavor. Apart from aroma and flavor, the solubility feature of coffee beans will also increase.

A big metal cylindrical machine with a support wand for roasting is present in the roaster. All the coffee beans are transferred into this roaster for further frying. As the roasters fry up the coffee beans, the beans will change some of their properties

Phases Of Roasting In Coffee Roaster

How Does A Coffee Roaster Work?
How Does A Coffee Roaster Work?

There are particular phases in the coffee roasting that the beans will undergo when they are fried. After going through these five distinct stages then the coffee beans are sent into the factories to make coffee powder or pods or anything else

Yellowing And Drying

This is the first stage of the coffee roasting process. This is an important phase and it determines how good the coffee beans are and how much time they will take to get roasted. The initial moisture present in the coffee roaster will be understood and one can analyze the entire time that this batch will take for coffee roasting. There are some types of beans which will eventually take more time than the other types of beans to present out there. This phase will set as a foundation for the other stages of coffee roasting.

Maillard Reaction

This is called browning of the coffee. The aroma of coffee can be extracted with along with the roasting process.

First, Second And Third Crack

This is the early roasting phase. The coffee beans will get cracks in this position. You will hear the audible sound just like how you hear the popping.

This second crack will be important as it will help in darker roasted coffee. The third crack is the last stage of roasting coffee.

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