Here's Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have -

Here’s Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have

Coffee Grinder: Benefits Of Owning It

Grinding coffee in your own home makes your ground beans more special because there is a personal touch. You also get the power to customize how fine you want your beans to be. The coffee grinders are of three styles: electric burr grinder, blade grinder, and handheld coffee grinder.

Here's Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have
Here’s Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have

The most common type is the blade grinder because they are cheap and compact. The problem is that these grinders can have inconsistencies while grinding the beans. This can negatively impact the coffee taste. The electric grinders provide you with a consistent size of grinds, but they cost a lot, they are bulky, and they produce extreme noise.

With hand grinders, you get the best of both these styles. These are some reasons that make these grinders best choice for you:

1. Coffee Grinder Maintains Consistency Of Grind

When you want to make some coffee, having a consistent grind is important. If the grounded beans are of the same size, it dissolves at the same rate. If the grounded beans are of different sizes, the flavors will be extracted at various rates and you will be unable to maximize each bean. So some grounds are over-extracted while others are under-extracted. These will add bitter and sour flavors to your coffee. A burr grinder will ensure that you get the most from your fresh beans. It breaks the coffee beans in even sizes to ensure even extraction.

Here's Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have
Here’s Why A Coffee Grinder Is A Must-Have

2. Coffee Grinder Price Is Moderate

Electric grinders are way more expensive than blade grinders and hand grinders. A premium quality electric grinder costs more than $200. Cheaper electric grinders don’t give you a good grind. Blade grinders are way cheaper, but these don’t provide an even and good grind. A blade grinder is cheap but has a consistency issue.

The hand grinders provide consistent grind and cost way less than a good electric model. There is no cost for the motor. These grinders focus more on grinding pieces which is what matters in coffee. With a manual coffee grinder, you get more valuable features.

3. It Is More Portable

Hand grinders do not only save you some cash but also gives you more features at such a limited budget. With this, you can make your own coffee on the go. There is no need to buy some expensive coffee from a coffee shop. There are many coffee companies that are building travel kits to attract coffee lovers. So, you can make your own brew, wherever you travel to and at any time. In these travel kits, a hand grinder is a must.

Coffee lovers are taking these hand grinders with them in their quest for adventure. You will enjoy the coffee more when you are amidst nature where the view is mesmerizing.

Why Get A Hand Coffee Grinder To Make Coffee
Why Get A Hand Coffee Grinder To Make Coffee

4. Noise Level Is Less

At home, these hand grinders are also very useful. You don’t want to irritate others while you make coffee in the early morning, do you? So, hand grinders are right for you as they make less noise than electric grinders. As some tests revealed, a hand grinder causes 73 decibels of noise, which is equivalent to classroom chatter.

5. It Is An Enjoyable Process

There are people who love to invest their time in these activities to enjoy the process. It feels good to make coffee from scratch. You get the sense of creating something which far more satisfying. As we are always busy with the digital world, we get everything almost instantly. The feeling of making your own coffee from nothing is unparalleled.

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