Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits Of Consuming It

Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits

Green coffee or coffee beans are the unroasted seeds of Coffea fruits. During the process of roasting the amount of chemical chlorogenic acid that is present in the coffee seeds get reduced. Thebeans do not undergo the process of roasting. Therefore, the amount of the chemical chlorogenic acid is comparatively higher in these seeds than the regular coffee beans that we use.

Moreover, due to the higher content of this acid present in them, they have significant health benefits like weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and many other bacterial infections. It became famous after a talk show, Dr.Oz show was telecasted in 2012. The green coffee idea fascinated people at large. The show mentioned that it could help in weight loss without people going through the painful process of diets and exercises.

Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits Of Consuming It
Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits Of Consuming It

Usage And Consumption

The consumption or dosage of green coffee depends upon many aspects such as; the age of the user, health conditions, eating habits, lifestyle, and many more. However, researchers couldn’t establish a specific amount of dosage scientifically to date. Therefore, the users should take amounts as per the instructions are given on the package. Doctors consider a dosage of 480 – 500 mg daily for 12 weeks as safe. Although people find it be safe for health, the excess amount can still harm the body. Moreover, it also contains caffeine similarly like regular coffee, which has its side effects too. Scientists always suggest taking medical advice before using it daily.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Green Coffee

As we all know, anything more than needed can be harmful; the same is the case with green coffee. When we take it in appropriate amounts orally, it is beneficial for health. For example, scientists find taking balanced dosages of standardized extract of green coffee like Svetol, Naturex, South Hackensack, etc. as safe.

Moreover, caffeine is responsible for insomnia, restlessness, nausea and vomiting, stomach disturbances, accelerated heart rate, etc. Higher intake of caffeine can also result in headaches, anxiety, uneven heartbeats, etc.

Green Coffee Drinking Important Cautions

Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits Of Consuming It
Green Coffee – Harm And Benefits Of Consuming It

High dosage of it without medical supervision can prove harmful for health. Therefore, medical monitoring and an appropriate amount of intake are always advisable for its consumption. Researchers are still researching their effects and side effects. However, they suggest avoiding it in the following cases;
1.     Pregnancy and breastfeed
2.     Anxiety disorders (it may get worse due to caffeine)
3.     Irritable bowel syndrome (large amounts of caffeine may worsen it)
4.     Osteoporosis (limit dosage to 300mg/day)
5.     Glaucoma
Other than these, caffeine, if taken in large amounts, can also affect high BP, diarrhea, and diabetes too.

Conclusion On Green Coffee

It can be of great advantage when considering weight loss. It is also helpful in neutralizing blood pressure as well. When the coffee extracts like Svetol and Naturex mix with the components of blood, they minimize blood sugar also.

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