Coffee Shops In Los Angeles That You Should Try


If you are in Los Angeles and you’re wondering where to grab your favorite hot drink, search for “coffee shops near me.” You will get some best in the town coffee shops near you in just a few seconds. But as there are plenty of coffeehouses, local roasters as well as pour-over stops in every corner of the town, you may feel lost. The coffee buzz here is so high that some lesser-known, out-of-town brands are struggling to be known. If you are not sure of where to go, check this list that we have curated for you.

Coffee Shops In Los Angeles That You Should Try
Coffee Shops In Los Angeles That You Should Try

1. La Colombe

This is a Philadelphia-based shop that hit LA scene hard just a couple of years ago. They first opened their shop in Beverly Hills. After that, the company opened its franchise at Silver Lake, Frogtown, and Century City. In the east coast, the following of La Colombe is huge as they are prominent for establishing long-term and ethical trade practices with coffee growers. The shop at Silver Lake has awesome Instagram-friendly mural on one side of the building. At Silver Lake, the coffee shop offers many LA-based offerings.

Yes, their coffee is great, but you can also order some vegan drinks that are just as refreshing. La Colombe has made a partnership with Liquiteria, Sugarbloom Bakery, and Bread Lounge. You can also get pastries, sweets, savory salads, sandwiches, and refreshing juice beverages apart from coffee.

2. Bluestone Lane

This coffee shop has Australian roots. They are bringing their avocado smashes as well as flat whites as part of their origin. The franchise originates from New York City, and it is in the scene from 2013 until now. Apart from that, the company has its branches in San Francisco, Philadelphia, D.C., and Washington. Now they are also in Studio City. The brand is hoping to open in six more locations in LA very soon.

Coffee Shops In Los Angeles That You Should Try
Coffee Shops In Los Angeles That You Should Try

If you are here, you must order cold-pressed juices, flat white, wellness lattes, and less foamy cappuccino. Their smashed avocado toast is a classic dish to try out here.

3. Triniti

Here in Triniti, the focus is both on their food and coffee. The Echo Park spot in LA is like a magnet to the espresso drinkers who infiltrate the neighborhood. The coffee for Triniti comes from Tartine Manufactory of San Francisco. They are likely to open a big roastery in the downtown area soon.

When you are at Triniti, taste all the basics you can from macchiatos, various espresso drinks, matcha, and turmeric lattes. Here, you can also get some great teas. It serves snacks like chicken thighs and crispy mushroom bacon sandwiches, among others.

4. Go Get Em Tiger

Go Get Em Tiger’s first LA-based outlet is in Los Feliz and it has become bigger so the cafe has become food-focused. On the shelves, you will get some high-end coffee beans that add color to the shop-rooms. Behind the bars, there are busy baristas who are brewing the best cups of coffee. You can’t go without having their iced latte, espresso, and of course some of their ground coffee. You also shouldn’t miss the yeasty waffles.