Coffee Pot: Uses, History, And Other Fun Facts -

Coffee Pot: Uses, History, And Other Fun Facts

Coffee Pot: Uses, History And Much More

A coffee pot is also known as a carafe. It is a flask or container which is used to serve coffee or drinks. Moreover, the pots in a coffee machine are also known as a carafe or a coffee pot. This is used for all types of brewed coffee. It helps to serve a cup of coffee in a much efficient manner.

Uses Of A Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot: Uses, History And Much More
Coffee Pot: Uses, History, And Other Fun Facts

A coffee pot is not only used to brew coffee. It is also used to:

  • Boil spinach or other green leafy veggies
  • Make oatmeals
  • Helps to melt chocolate for a perfect chocolate fondue
  • It also helps to steam vegetables.
  • Boil eggs
  • It is useful for mixing herbs.


Coffee pots were first introduced in France during the early seventeenth century. Making coffee used to be pretty easy. Moreover, the roasted coffee was put in a pan and hot water was poured into it. People used these coffee pots primarily to brew coffee. The 18th century saw the designing of coffee pots as this was the year when consumption of coffee increased immensely. Initially, coffee was boiled until it smelled perfect for drinking. Further, with the rising popularity, both coffee and coffee pots saw major changes. Brazil is the best source of coffee in the world as it exports the maximum amount of coffee. It nearly exports 40% of the total coffee production in the world.

The year 1672 saw the emergence of silver coffee pots when it was used in the St. German’s fair in Paris. Following this, Americans as well as Englishmen started crafting mesmerizing silver coffee pots. The years 1740s saw the rising popularity of pear-shaped coffee pots. These pots were basically designed too complement the Turkish coffee which had a real thicker consistency.

Cost Of Different Coffee Pots And Machines

Different designs of coffee pots are available at different prices. The price of a coffee pot can vary from 25$ to 90$. Coffee machines have become popular over time. Price of a good coffee machine differs according to various factors like brewing quality, preference, and the brand all determine the cost.

Espresso machines vary from 55$ to 5000$. All those who love brewing expresso can easily get a wide range of brands available with different price ranges. Filter machines range from 125 $ to 699$ approximately. Prices of capsule models pots vary from 110$ to 470$. The combination of espresso and filter coffee machine can range from 120$ to 200$ and more. Prices differ from one brand to another.

Coffee Pot: Uses, History And Much More
Coffee Pot: Uses, History, And Other Fun Facts


A pot of coffee can be refreshing after a long and tiring day. Moreover, various designs of the coffee pot are also available in the market to enhance the coffee-sipping experience. Coffee is the best beverage, which one can have at any time during the day. But make sure to not to consume it after sunset or one may have a sleepless night. Nowadays coffee pots are available in glass only. Many attach it to the coffee machine itself to give a much easier coffee brewing experience.

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