Coffee Cup Made Of Double Wall Glass -

Coffee Cup Made Of Double Wall Glass

Coffee Cup Made Of Double Wall Glass

If you are a coffee obsess, then you might prefer to have it in the double-walled glass. The double-walled glass is not only attractive, fresh, uncluttered, but also functional. Excitingly, we have presented a double-wall Coffee Cup glass that not only gives a clear view but even thicker. So, big problems such as breaking or by mistake falling on the floor automatically vanish offs. Compared to regular glass mugs, it offers various features that are included in this post.

Coffee Cup Double Wall Glass

It’ a lightweight double wall coffee cup glass that is perfect for a latte, cappuccino, tea, coffee, iced beverages, smoothies, and macchiato. With the insulated design, the temperature of the coffee maintains in the sophisticated layered glass. The clear cup glass is manufactured using a superior lead-free quality of borosilicate-glass-Pyrex-glass. Thus, this makes it withstand peak temperatures and can be kept in the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher safe. You will feel nice holding the coffee cup glass, and it will leave no residue from a drink. The double-wall coffee cup gals create a suspended, beautiful liquid illusion that looks eye-catching. It will elevate your mood in the morning when you take a sip of coffee. With luxurious experience, you can use it at home, work, cafes, and restaurants.

Coffee Cup / Double Wall Glass Benefits

These are some bunch of benefits of coffee cup glass that gives you reasons to love it-

Significantly Lighter

Compared to ceramic counterparts, double wall coffee cup glass is lighter. It differs in the quality of construction and volume. It’s half the weight of ceramic counterparts.

Great Thermal Isolation

With coffee cup glass, you will never have complained of lukewarm coffee when kept for 5-10 minutes. The thermal isolation allows it to remain hot, thus offers you a better experience.

Coffee Cup With Clear View

You will always see how much coffee is about to the left at the very next moment. One such benefit of double-wall cup glass is that it can be used for both cold and hot drinks.

Comfortable Handle

You can relate this point quickly, as it allows you to hold the cup glass without experiencing any temperature difference. Thus, you can comfortably handle the cup glass no matter how hot the beverage is.

Some of the notable features are durability, great look, and long-lasting. These features allow you to have a better experience of coffee, no matter how many times you sip. It has a pleasing shape and body. You can serve drinks such as macchiato and espresso to the guest in this double-wall coffee glass comfortably. It looks expensive; however, the cost of cup glass is reasonable and affordable.


As stated before, they are durable and heat resistant. Therefore, it comes in variations. You can pick 80 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml, 450 ml, 150ml volume. Since taking coffee is the very first thing we do after toothbrush, the experience must be excellent. The stylish and unique cup design will catch your eyes. Using this cup glass in the morning with your partner creates a romantic moment.  

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