Coffee And Its Various Types For Coffee Enthusiasts


Coffee is one of the most loved beverages across the globe. There are various types of coffees that are available in the market. However, everyone has one or two favorites to order – maybe espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha, or neat black. Most of us don’t know different types of coffees. Here we have collected all those common coffees about which we are not so much familiar.

Coffee And Its Various Types For You
Coffee And Its Various Types For Coffee Enthusiasts

1. Caffe Americano

Making this beverage is very simple. You just have to add hot water over an espresso shot. During World War II, the American soldiers used to make this espresso drink to keep themselves away. The beverages lasted longer. After the war ended, American baristas adopted it.

2. Cappuccino

Mostly all coffee drinkers have heard about this particular beverage. Cappuccino is an espresso drink that consists of 3 layers – firstly an espresso shot, after that a steamed milk shot and finally a foamy milk layer. You can top the final layer with some powder or shavings. This is a traditional Italian drink which the Italians consume during their breakfast.

Coffee And Its Various Types For You
Coffee And Its Various Types For Coffee Enthusiasts

3. Cafe Latte

It is another popular option for light espresso lovers. A latte consists of a single coffee shot and steamed milk. This beverage is very frothy. You can often encounter some cafes that confused this with the flat white.

4. Flat White

Flat white is from Australia and New Zealand. To make the flat white coffee on the espresso shot, baristas pour steamed milk left at the bottom of the jug. Most of the schools offer this flat white as a beverage in usual PTA meetings for parents.

5. Espresso

For making the espresso, you have to shoot boiling water with high pressure on the finely grounded coffee beans. After that, pour it into a small mug. It is not as simple as you think. If you want the purest coffee taste, espressos are the one. Not everyone can drink espresso as it is quite a strong, brewed beverage.

6. Mochaccino

Mocha can be described as latte where you can sprinkle some chocolate powder or pour some chocolate syrup. You can add some whipped cream over it. Mocha is a standard entry-level coffee. It brings a balance between hot chocolate and cafe latte.

Coffee And Its Various Types For You
Coffee And Its Various Types For You

7. Long Black

For making Long Black coffee, you have to pour hot water into a mug. After that, pour 2 espresso shots over the water. If you accidentally pour water over espresso, you will not get long black, it will become Americano. Usually, this long black is a strong beverage. You will have more creamy foam over the espresso shots than you get in a Long Black.

8. Macchiato

Macchiato is called Piccolo Latte. This beverage is an espresso shot with foamed milk pouring on top of it directly into the cup. You might find some similarities with a cappuccino, right? But it is different as it is way stronger than a cup of cappuccino. The reason is in Macchiato, we don’t pour any steamed milk. Baristas serve this beverage in a small espresso cup.