Chinese Tea Types – The 3 Types of Chinese Tea That You Should Know!

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What exactly is Chinese tea? It is one of the most popular drinks in the world and can also be a delicious treat once you get the knack for it. For centuries, different cultivars of tea had different names in China and to this day the different names have nothing to do with the quality of the tea. Many of the names are used for the different kinds of teas and they are all just simply different translations to refer to the plant. So what are the different types of Chinese tea? The following are some of the most popular Chinese tea types.

Types of Chinese Tea 

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Oxidized Chinese Tea. This kind of tea is made from buds and leaves that have already been oxidized. Oxidized means that the leaves have already gone through oxidation but the buds and stems are still unoxidized. The oxidization is caused by oxidation that has already taken place in the leaves. The result of oxidation is called black tea.

Fresh Green Tea. This type of Chinese tea is made from the leaves and buds that have just been sun-wilted. When these are sun-wilted, they lose their oxidation and become much softer. The leaves and buds used for making this kind of tea are harvested in spring and the tea leaves are usually from the same day that they are sun-wilted. It is one of the driest teas available on the market.

Silver Needle Tea. This type of Chinese tea is rarer than the green variety. They are mostly harvested from areas around the Pearl River Delta. This tea is also aged for a longer period, usually between three to four months.

Yellow Chinese Teas. This variety is harvested from the leaves and buds that have been sun-wilted. They are normally sun-wilted for a longer period. In addition, some yellow Chinese teas do not contain any oxidized products, and are therefore called “raw” or “wet.” The oxidized products found in these teas are called “fermented herbs.” They are not fermented like the green or silver needle teas.

Hong Cha Tea is another variety of Chinese tea that is less common. These are made from the buds and leaves like green ones but they are fermented. There are only a few places in the world where hong cha is cultivated, most often in the northern regions of China.

Oolong Tea is the third variety of Chinese tea. It is made from fermented tea leaves like the green and silver needle types. But they are steamed to get more flavor and to make them softer and smoother. Once they have been steamed, the buds and leaves are separated and then fermented. The resulting product will be much sweeter than the other two varieties of Chinese teas. You can find them in almost every Chinese restaurant and even in some stores around the world.

As you can see, there are many more different Chinese tea types that you can choose from. However, when you are picking out Chinese tea, you should keep in mind what your preference is when it comes to the taste of your tea. You can easily determine which kind of tea is right for you based on your taste. However, if you’re just new to Chinese teas, then it would be better for you to try out the different types of Chinese greens. They’ll make your transition to Chinese tea much easier.

The first type of Chinese tea that we are going to look at is Chinese green. This is the one that is most often seen when people talk about Chinese tea. It has Camellia Sinensis leaves that are steamed or cooked. The leaves are fermented during the steaming process so they will have more flavor as a result. They are also known to contain more caffeine than other types of Chinese green teas.

The next type is the withering tea leaf. It also goes by the name of silvery grey tea leaf. Withering means that the leaves have gone through the normal process of oxidation called oxidation. Oxidation is a natural process in which the leaves become oxidized, which makes them darker.

Final Sentences

The last type we are going to look at is yellow tea. This is the one that is fermented during the steaming process. Yellow tea has a very mild, sweet taste and it can vary depending on whether the leaves were fermented during steaming or not. The fermentation process of yellow tea can affect the flavor to a great extent.

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