Best espresso coffee near me

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A lot of people think that espresso coffee comes in a single form but there are tons of variations when it comes to this drink. There is the traditional espresso coffee, cappuccino, latte, and even macchiato.

The art of making the perfect shot of espresso coffee has become a real craft as well as an art form. The best way to make sure that you are getting your morning fix of the delicious espresso is by having it made by someone who knows what they are doing. Here is the list of shops having the best espresso coffee in the US.

1. Scooters Coffee

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Scooters are a chain of cafés that offer espresso coffee done right. The secret to this coffee lies in the recipe that has been perfected over time and it tastes fantastic. Just like most places these days, you can opt for a single shot or a double shot of the good stuff.

The individual who makes your drink will get it right every single time. There are tons of different types of drinks to get here but the espresso is still the highlight and it won’t let you down.

2. Caffe Bene

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This South Korean coffee shop is a great choice when looking for a café in your city that serves espresso coffee done to perfection.

The staff in Caffe Bene are ready and waiting to make one of their special drinks.

3. The Australian Coffee House

With a name like this, you can be sure that the coffee is going to be good! By taking a look at the menu you will see that they offer several different types of espresso coffee in a variety of blends, so there is sure to be something everyone will love.

4. Philz Coffee

If you are looking for a place where you can get your daily hit of espresso coffee then you need to head on over to the original location of Philz Coffee. The secret recipe that makes up their magic drink has been perfected over time and now they have shops all over the Bay Area.

5. Pavement Coffeehouse

This coffee shop in Seattle is a great place to get your fix if you are after something that tastes fantastic. The staff here take pride in the fact that they only use freshly ground beans, which gives their drinks an amazing flavor like no other. If you don’t believe me, then you should go and give it a try for yourself.

6. Cafe D’Mongo’s Speakeasy

If you are looking for an authentic coffeehouse experience, then this is where you need to head on over to the next time you feel like treating yourself. The fact that they only use the finest ingredients also goes a long way to add to the quality of the drinks that you will find here.

The Speakeasy might be a little difficult to find but it is well worth searching for as it has some of the best espresso coffee in town!

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