Amazing Health Benefits in Every Cup of Coffee

Health Coffee Benefits

From its origins in the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century, this black beverage became one of the most valuable commodities once it reached European and American soil. Since then, it has been a drink of choice to start the day. Let’s learn about five of the many health coffee benefits.

Your Accessible Painkiller

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Whether you went on a treadmill at home or lifted weights at the gym, it is normal to experience post-workout pain. The Journal of Pain revealed that those who drank two cups of coffee with this lifestyle could reduce their pain for up to half.

Protect Your Liver

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You can save your liver by drinking coffee. Aside from cutting down on alcohol, both the Hepatology Journal and Archives of Internal Medicine did studies showing how drinking coffee can prevent cirrhosis of the liver. They also did a study that linked coffee drinkers and better liver health.

Reduce Your Disease Risk

Want to decrease your chances of encountering specific health issues? Studies have shown that those who drank one coffee cup reduce their chance of getting Type II diabetes by 9%. You can prevent getting Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and depression by drinking coffee too.

Extend Your Lifespan

Various studies have proven health coffee benefits. In the New England Journal of Medicine, they reinforced the fact that coffee drinkers can avoid dying prematurely due to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. A Japanese study was able to correlate the drink with longevity as well.

Protect Your Eyesight

Cornell University was able to link drinking coffee and eye health. In that study, they found that chlorogenic acid (CLA), a potent antioxidant found in the bean. This chemical can prevent damage to your retina.

Keep Your Smile Whole from the Inside

Want to protect your teeth? Brazillian researchers found a link that drinking coffee by itself can prevent cavities by killing the bacteria present. The US Department of Veterans Affairs even found that people who drank coffee can avoid gum disease.

Coffee for a Good Skin

The findings of a 2013 study indicate that coffee substances also lead to healthy skin. An antioxidant, coffee acid, may increase collagen production and minimize premature cell aging. Caffeic acid does have the properties of antimicrobials, which can better protect the skin from germs.

…And Out

The Journal of Psychopharmacology published a study that revealed how workers who drank coffee view themselves more positively than those who don’t. Aside from that, workplaces that consume coffee also let their employees participate in group activities.

Coffee is the perfect drink to have at home , in the workplace or at the campground in the morning. It was our great mate to begin a day.

Over the years, many researchers have found lots of health coffee benefits. Whether you drink coffee for your health or leisure, these reasons are why this drink is still popular today. Cheers to your next cup!

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