A Simple Guide to Boba Tea Flavors and the Best 5 Varieties You Should Taste

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If you consider yourself some kind of Boba connoisseur, think again. I must warn you that there is so much Boba out there than your Boba-hole can handle.

The possibilities are endless with Boba flavors and Boba toppings. The choices may be confusing for some but if done right, it will be an experience like never before (and might cause brain freeze).

You may find this article overwhelming because I included too many flavors to name (I got carried away) or not enough Boba tea flavors (because 5 wasn’t enough). There’s no way to please everyone. So I’m just gonna do me and hope Boba lovers will love Boba.

Let’s get Boba!

First, let me help you understand the difference between Boba and Bubble Tea: Boba is a chewy tapioca ball at the bottom of your Boba drink while Bubble tea is a milk tea with Boba at the bottom as well as other flavors such as Taro, Chocolate, Matcha, etc. In this article, I’m going to focus on Bobas because there are so many varieties out there that it would be overwhelming to have Bobas and Bubble Teas in one article.

I’m gonna go through 5 Boba Tea Flavors for your tasting pleasure. Boba tea flavors and Boba itself is something you must taste before it’s too late. Boba can be a delicious experience or an awful one, but Boba will always leave an impression on you, even if it’s your last drink. Boba flavors are listed in no particular order. Boba lovers will definitely get Boba fever after reading this article!

Boba Tea Flavors You Should Try At Least Once In Your Life…

1) Avocado Boba Tea/Green Boba Milk Tea

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Don’t let the word Avocado scare you because it’s not like drinking a guacamole smoothie or anything even close to that. Bobas are flavored with actual pieces of avocado, which is actually quite refreshing and has a very creamy texture. The green tea milk tea is also really good but I doubt Boba lovers would mind the taste of avocado over it.

2) Bubble Milk Tea with Mango Boba

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This is one for all of the mango lovers out there. There are chunks of actual mango in this Boba mixture so if you don’t like chewy things, you might not want to try this blend. However, the taste is worth it and I’m sure Boba lovers can handle a little mango chug-and-chomp. This Boba drink has a nice fruity flavor that doesn’t taste too artificial or sweet because Bobas tend to have a subtle sweetness that makes it easier for people to enjoy flavors other than just milk tea. Bubble tea drinkers should definitely test their tastebuds with this one.

3) Durian Boba Milk Tea

Don’t let the smell of Durians scare you because there are pieces of it in this Boba drink. This is one for all the people who love fruity drinks but do not like artificial fruit flavors. The durian flavor tastes very natural and isn’t overwhelming or too strong, which also makes it easier for non-fruit eaters to enjoy this Boba drink.

4) Egg Pudding Boba Milk Tea/Jelly Boba Milk Tea

Bobas in this mixture is flavored with egg pudding. This Boba drink is probably the creamiest out of all 5 because it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, which might be something to… avoid? I mean, this isn’t for everyone so give it a try before you shoot me down. It’s also good if you love egg pudding or just want to know what egg pudding is like in liquid form (I’m assuming). Some people don’t mind the taste of eggs but others will definitely say “Why did you let me do that?” after tasting this one. Bubble tea drinkers who like more on the creamy side should try this Boba drink.

5) Jello Boba Milk Tea

These Bobas are flavored with jello, which is good because you won’t have to taste these flavors alone (unless you really want to). Bubble tea drinkers who like anything fruity and jelly-like will like this Boba drink. It actually tastes like red Jello (or strawberry Jell-O) but there are also chunks of actual strawberries in it.


Boba Tea lovers, Bobas are your new best friend. You can enjoy these chewy tapioca balls with different Boba tea flavors such as Avocado Boba Tea/Green Boba Milk Tea, Durian Boba Milk Tea, and many more! There is a lot of variety that you should try at least once in life even if it might not be to your liking. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect flavor for any occasion.

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