A Short Guide To Different Tea Varieties

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For ages, tea has been one of the most widely consumed beverages. To be precise black tea has been most widely consumed and preferred by the masses. But do you know that the world of tea is vast and there are around 20,000 tea varieties on this planet? Here are 4 unique varieties of teas you can find around you. Each of them will solve fitness issues by boosting immunity and bringing good health. 

Oolong Tea

Tea Varieties

Oolong tea is also known as Black Dragon tea or Wulong tea in China. This tea is recognized for its benefits in Chinese culture. The tea is pretty similar to green tea in many terms. Still, Oolong is not as popular as green tea. It arrives in various types such as Tung Ting which is also called Frozen Peak by people, Bai Hao that means White Tip, and many more varieties. Oolong is filled with antioxidants that fight aging, stress, and other problems. This tea is a good idea for those concerned about heart and brain damage. 

Chamomile Tea

Tea Varieties

Chamomile tea is a herbal tea made out of dried flowers from the Chamomile plant. In the past few years, its consumption has increased around different parts of the globe. This tea comes in a German variety as well as a roman variety. You can try any of them because both have the same benefits. This herbal tea helps with digestion problems, sleep troubles, and overall health. It’s highly recommended for good health care.

Hibiscus Tea

The Hibiscus tea also leaves a calming as well as a refreshing effect on the body. People like to drink miracle tea that isn’t just warm but cold too. Its iced version is great for summertime. It keeps the body cool. This herbal brew is made with the hibiscus plant. Consuming this oxidized tea results in good cholesterol levels and fewer liver problems. 

Green Tea

Green tea has several types such as the Gyokuro and Matcha tea which are Japanese-style green teas. There’s also a distinguished Chinese-style green tea called Biluochun. You can find many different styles of green tea across Asia. The tea solved heart, brain, and stress-related problems. 


Realm of tea is huge and not just limited to the regular black tea. There are many varieties that one could try. Above are some of those varieties. These are unique as well as popular due to their multiple health benefits. Oolong tea and Green tea are filled with antioxidants that help in solving heart, brain, aging, and stress problems. Chamomile tea is one amazing herbal tea that can help out with sleep problems, digestion issues, and many more. Hibiscus tea is another amazing herbal tea you can include in your diet for better results. 

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