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3 Ways to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder

Grinded Coffee Beans

Did you know that the world consumes around 1.4 billion cups of coffee a day? If you need a fix, read these three ways to make ground coffee beans. That way, you wouldn’t need to worry if you don’t have a grinder nearby.

Mortar and Pestle

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Before coffee makers used a grinder, these two items were used to create coffee grounds. You can even control how fine you want it to turn out. Using these, you can make its texture as subtle or as coarse as you want.

For one serving of coffee, follow these instructions:

Fill up to 1/4 of the mortar with your coffee beans of choice.

Using your non-dominant hand, hold the battery and put your pestle in the other.

Twist and crush the beans using the pestle with the right amount of force.

Roll the coffee around the mortar using the pestle to get the right texture and consistency needed.

Empty the finished coffee into another bowl and repeat the previous steps to create another batch if needed.


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Usually, you use this to make fruit shakes or milkshakes. However, if you want to get ground coffee beans, this can serve as a substitute. Its blades can perform as well as a coffee burr grinder. Do take note that using this tool creates a coarse coffee ground.

After preparing your blender, follow these instructions:

Put the right amount of coffee beans in the blender.

Close the lid.

Set your blender into a medium-high or “grinder” speed, whichever is available.

Grind the beans in short-quick bursts until they reach into the consistency you want.

Transfer the ground beans into another container.

Repeat the previous steps in order until you have created enough ground coffee.

Once finished, clean the blender thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue.

Rolling Pin

As one of the most used baking tools, this kitchen tool can grind and crush coffee beans. It will need the most physical effort among all these tools. It can even create an even texture and an even finer grind compared to the previous methods.

Aside from this tool, you can substitute it with any durable cylindrical object such as a wine bottle or wooden dowel. You would need a large clean space and a plastic bag as well. After preparing these items, follow these instructions:

Place a certain amount of beans inside the plastic bag. If you have parchment paper instead, sandwich it in between two separate pieces.

Put the bag or parchment paper on top of a clean, flat surface.

Hold the rolling pin on the one hand and smash the beans until they are crushed.

Use the rolling pin to grind the crushed beans to a particular texture.

Transfer the finished grounds into another container and repeat the previous steps until you have enough.


Being one of the most popular beverages globally, various companies made it even more accessible to have your ground coffee beans supply at home. Aside from investing in a grinder or buying the ground directly, these are possible options you can use to create them at home. That way, a cup of coffee only takes a few minutes of your morning.

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